Come Back To Me, Justin Drew Bieber

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Come Back To Me, Justin Drew Bieber


January 29, 2014
By Juan Carlos Berrios

Listen to me, Justin! This is your Creator and your Judge telling you to come back to me. When you do, I will be your LORD and SAVIOR, I will be your KING and PROTECTOR.

You must act immediately and come back to your first love which is in JESUS CHRIST, THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE.

I am waiting for you, Justin. It doesn’t matter to me how wrong you have behaved or the many sins you’ve committed against mankind or against me. I will forgive you and cleanse you if you come back to me.

If you don’t, Justin, then, I will be your Judge. I will judge you according to the things you have done!

This is your last chance, my son. I’m waiting for you.



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