We Are In The Great Tribulation

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Ebola spreading,

Chikungunya virus in the Americas,

Israel and Gaza at war,

Russia and Ukraine in conflict,

Syria keeps killing its own people,

Iraq’s terrorist steals nuclear material,

North Korea threatens USA,

China says a conflict with USA will be a disaster for the whole world,

Homosexuals on a worldwide orgy,

People loving their pets more than their kids,

Boys are girls and girls are boys,

Exodus from Latin America into the USA,

Churches and Christians being persecuted in many countries,

Christians obsessed with sports,

The USA receives polar blast during the hottest time of summer,

More Christian churches approving of homosexuality,

Paper money ready to disappear and digital money is here to stay,

Major earthquakes everywhere,

Fake food (GMO) for everyone,

Everyone sees pornography,

Kids are the boss and parents are the idiots,

More pastors become rich due to the ignorance of their followers,

No one cares for anyone,

And Christians still believe they’ll be rapture before the GREAT TRIBULATION!

We are living the time JESUS spoke about and many are still deaf. They don’t want to hear the good news of JESUS. So, I say to you, keep sinning, your days are numbered. And, to those who are cleaning their lives, keep pressing on, keep up the faith in JESUS. Don’t give up because paradise awaits you.

Your friend,

Juan Carlos Berrios



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