Support The Salt Lake City Mission, An Organization Helping The Homeless And Addicts

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Support The Salt Lake City Mission, An Organization Helping The Homeless And Addicts


Out of all the places I’ve been to or worked with, I found one place who goes out of their way to make you happy and comfortable. The place I’m talking about is called the SALT LAKE CITY MISSION and it is located in Salt Lake City. Their mission is take care of the needs of the homeless, drug addicts and other issues within the community who goes through extreme suffering. I’ve been there as a volunteer and I’ve seen the hard job they do and how they go out of their way in order to fulfill their mission.

The Salt Lake City Mission, located on 1151 South and Redwood Road, #106 in Salt Lake City, Utah 84110, provides real change, not just spare change and they have been doing this since 1993. Its founder, Wayne C. Wilson, has invested everything, but most importantly his heart, for the folks of Salt Lake and anyone who comes to his mission for help. In the homeless world, there are folks who travel throughout the country in order to find better opportunities in various cities and/or towns. Therefore, the person you might find on the streets or in a shelter this month will not be around in three months time. Most of the homeless are always on the move finding a better life. In essence, the SALT LAKE CITY MISSION attends to many homeless people across the country!

If you or anyone you know is able to support the Salt Lake City Mission with monetary funds, please do so at their official web page and feel relaxed that your money is being well invested in the community:


Salt Lake City Mission
1151 S Redowood Road
Salt Lake City, Utah 84110







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