Stay Awake, Stay Alive!

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Stay Awake, Stay Alive!

Stay awake, people!

Only those who are awake spiritually with our KING JESUS will survive the tide.

Stay awake and do not close your eyes for 1 second.

Again, I say: STAY AWAKE.

Those who have their doors marked will be spared from the wrath coming from the Angel Of Death.

It is upon us, the time is right and it is close to midnight.

Stay awake for in 1 hour her destruction will come. She will no longer say, “I sit like a queen”.

She has glorified herself, and lived deliciously, but in one hour so much torment will fall upon her and she will be no more!


stay awake


If you see some you know that is part of your family and who is taking a nap, WAKE HIM UP. If he says, “Please, I’m resting, let take sleep some more”, then, you keep moving and stay as far away as possible from that person for in one hour his destruction will come upon him.

Stay awake, and stay alive!

Your friend, 
(Last Trumpet)



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