Justin Drew Bieber, You’re The Man (Eres El Hombre)

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 July 27, 2017
By Juan Carlos Berrios

Do you want to change the rule of the game?

Justin, it’s been 3 years since I wrote to you. My prayers have always been the same; that you come back to JESUS.

My name is Juan Carlos Berrios, the leader of this website. Together with my family, we’ve been praying for you to get on track with JESUS CHRIST. The narrow path to eternal life is awesome and only a few brave men walk on this path.

You can understand the mysteries behind the many messages and parables JESUS speaks to His People today. It is a very conflicting time we live in and you cannot waste anymore time, Drew. We are living in the last few seconds and in any moment we shall see the great signal of the Man JESUS riding on His horse on the clouds with His Army of Angels. He comes for His obedient children. 



I want you, Justin, to stay away from all negative and unfavorable apperances. Come close to JESUS in your room and in your prayers to the Holy One, Jesus the Lord Almighty. He is the Creator of all things as stated in the book of John chapter 1 and whoever denies Him will suffer the consequences of eternal death in the terrifying lake of fire.

Stay away from those places where many wolves congregate dressed as sheep to fool the mass. Remember, Justing Bieber, the road to Salvation is narrow and only a few find it. If you see great multitud in the midst of a congregation, run! If you see great multitud in the midst of a reunion, run! Because the LORD JESUS abides in the mind of those humble people who daily worship Him in secret so that GOD ALMIGHTY may reward them in public.

“Come back to be, Justin Drew Bieber”, says the LORD JESUS. Come back and let’s ride the world one more time, but this time we’ll do it with Wisdom on your side and with the Unconditional Love as your partner. This world needs you as it takes its last breath before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. Together, we will unmask the Enemy!


Juan Carlos Berrios

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